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What do businesses value the most? Of course, the quality and speed of work, because future profits depend on it. Mrs Clean provides commercial cleaning services in Calgary & Edmonton and clean commercial premises quickly and with high quality. Our commercial clients truly appreciate the attention with which we approach meeting their needs. That’s why our regular customers include business centers, malls, and the largest offices.

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Careful and Tidy Office Cleaning

We service office and commercial premises with the same care as our clients' homes. Career is an important part of Canadian life and we try to create a cozy, comfortable and clean environment for productive jobs in every premise we work. Mrs Clean is highly recommended and has a lot of positive reviews precisely because of our approach to business-clients. Call us to book an appointment and find out the estimate of your office cleaning.

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We highly value your business and offer great discounts for our customers who have routine cleaning with us.

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Commercial cleaning services for Edmonton & Calgary

Mrs Clean’s long standing in the community has helped establish itself as a reliable partner for business. We serve large retails, corporations, clean office buildings and complexes and offer businesses contracts with bargain prices for regular commercial cleaning.

High quality office cleaning

Commercial premises cleaning refers to the process of cleaning and maintaining a clean and organized office space. It can involve tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, carpet cleaning, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning restrooms. Regular office cleaning from Mrs Clean can help to create a pleasant and healthy work environment for employees and can also help to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the office. Currently, after we defeated the epidemic of Covid-19, many people return to their workplaces and, accordingly, companies need to maintain order in the offices. The profitable option is to order a weekly cleaning in a professional company.

What’s the Difference of Office Cleaning

There are several key differences between office cleaning and other types of cleaning, such as residential house cleaning. Some of the main differences include:

1) Frequency of cleaning: Office cleaning is usually done on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the needs of the office and the preferences of the client. Commercial cleaning may be done less frequently, such as weekly or biweekly and may involve a custom frequency to suit client’s needs.

2) Size and layout of the space: Offices are typically larger and more complex than home spaces, and may have a variety of different rooms and areas that need to be cleaned, such as conference rooms, restrooms, and break rooms. That’s why Mrs Clean has advanced cleaning equipment and techniques to 100% Guarantee Result.

3) Health and safety considerations: Office cleaning often involves additional health and safety considerations, such as handling sensitive documents and materials, and following strict protocols for cleaning and disinfection services to prevent the spread of illness.

4) Professionalism: Office cleaning often requires a high level of professionalism, as it is typically done in a business setting where clients and employees may be present. Mrs Clean cleaners wear uniforms and follow specific guidelines for interacting with people in the office.

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There are many different ways to approach office cleaning, the specific tasks and frequency of cleaning will depend on the needs and preferences of the companies. A lot of offices in Calgary and Edmonton hire professional cleaning companies to handle the cleaning and it is the best way to keep the workspace tidy and clean.

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