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Spring Cleaning Service in Calgary

Spring Cleaning Service is for people who want their home cleaned from top to bottom. That means washing all the blinds, all the window frames, under the sinks, full and thorough washing of all the corners of the rooms for cobwebs, and dust, and more. Usually deep cleaning is much more thorough than our Regular Cleaning Service. We are fully bonded and insured and run an Employment Background Check on all of our employees.

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Top Quality Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a laborious, more time-consuming process than general housekeeping, and usually requires the use of multiple detergents and equipment. It is also often more physically demanding, as it may involve moving furniture and other objects in order to clean hard-to-reach areas. However, the end result of a deep cleaning is usually a much cleaner and more organized space.

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We highly value your business and offer great discounts for our customers who have routine cleaning with us.

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Spring Cleaning Services in Calgary

Spring cleaning is a more thorough form of cleaning than regular, and typically involves paying attention to details that are often overlooked during weekly housekeeping. In general it means baseboards, blinds, and other areas that are not part of weekly dusting and mopping. We recommend deep cleaning once every 6 months, or more frequently if the space is heavily used or prone to dirt and grime buildup.

Professional and trained cleaners of Mrs Clean can help homeowners of Calgary to keep their residential premises tidy and organized.

What Does Deep Cleaning Include?

Our current clients appreciate some additional things that Mrs Clean provides in a deep clean. This is thorough cleaning of:

1) Windows and blinds
2) Floorboards, tiles and grout
3) Walls and baseboards
4) Exterior of cabinets
5) Refrigerator and oven if appliacable
6) Light fixtures and ceiling fans
7) Disinfecting door knobs, handles, and other high-touch areas
8) When We Need to Do a Spring Cleaning

Anyone who wants to tidy, clean and sanitize their living space can book a maid service with a professional company, save their money and spend time with family. Some common situations where deep cleaning can be especially helpful include:

- Before or after hosting a party;
- If the space hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in a long time;
- After an illness or other situation that has resulted in a lot of germs being spread.

Why Mrs Clean is Trusted by Calgarians

Mrs Clean is a pet friendly cleaning agency and our maids in Calgary always use only natural detergents, so you can be sure of high quality services, safety and guarantee. Our policy covers background checks for every housekeeper who has access to the customer's house and WCB — in such a way the cleaning agency fully protects the clients from different safety situations.
That's why Mrs Clean is trusted by thousands of Calgarians and has been serving the city for over 10 years, providing residential, commercial and post-construction cleaning services with an excellent reputation and many positive reviews.

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