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Careers Title

Cleaning person

Required skills

  • Remove dust and fingerprints
  • Vacuum all carpets, mats, hard floors
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces ie. desks, chairs tables, furniture
Sales Representative

Required skills

  • Excelent communication skills
  • Experience on sales 1 year+
  • Customer Service
  • Motivation for Sales
Carpet cleaner

Required skills

  • Physical ability to lift up to 50lb
  • Ability to operate industrial cleaning machines
  • Service Orientation

How to find us

How to join our professional cleaning team?

Mrs Clean is a rapidly growing local business that provides jobs for Canadian citizens, newcomers and everyone eligible to work in Canada. We protect them and guarantee insurance (WCB).

Mrs Clean has a proven track record of providing quality cleaning services to clients. The main difference of Mrs Clean is that we have a professional, friendly staff who are fully trained, bonded and background checked. Only insured employees are permitted to work in our customer’s houses, apartments and offices. As such, we completely protect homeowners from any damages and provide a 100% guarantee.
Serving areas

Our team serves Calgary and the closest cities as Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Bragg Creek for more than 10 years and is respected by thousands of homeowners.

Vacancies and benefits

We guarantee official employment, benefits, open taxation, for all employees.

According to National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011, we are hiring:

Light duty cleaners (for apartment, houses and office cleaning)

Specialized cleaners (for carpet cleaning)

Salespersons (for sales department)

The company provides all the necessary tools and instructs new employees, teaches them the rules of safe cleaning. This approach sets us apart from other companies that may have problems with customer property damage, home injuries and subsequent litigation. Mrs Clean totally protects both homeowners and maids.

Our requirements to candidates

When we’re looking to hire a cleaner, we usually follow next steps to ensure we find the right person for the job. To become a cleaner, there are certain requirements that you should meet:

Physical ability: Cleaning work can be physically demanding, requiring tasks such as bending, reaching, lifting, and carrying. It is essential to be in good physical condition to perform the duties of a cleaning person.

Attention to detail: Cleaning requires paying attention to details, such as ensuring all surfaces are clean and free of debris.

Time management: Cleaning tasks must be completed within a specified time frame, so it’s essential to be able to manage time effectively.

Reliability: Cleaning work requires being reliable and showing up on time for scheduled work.

Communication skills: Cleaning agency staff must be able to communicate effectively with co-workers, and supervisors, but not directly with homeowners during the cleaning process. Mrs Clean has low language requirements, we need strong English speaking skills only for sales people, not for cleaners.

Background check: Employers require a background check to be completed before hiring.

Proper cleaning supplies: Mrs Clean provides all supplies, such as vacuums, mops, rags, trash bags and cleaning agents, but potential employees should be familiar with them.

Also there may be specific requirements based on the employer and the cleaning job (carpet extraction or post-construction cleaning for example).

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