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Our real carpet cleaning Service means just that. It consists of mechanically massaging your carpets with a specially formulated solution following with regular extraction using a limited amount of moisture. The result is a deep clean and effectively removes dirt, stains, and allergens. This method works for deep cleaning and removing heavy soiling that you can see and feel.



This is the most used method of carpet cleaning, as it can remove deep-seated dirt and stains, as well as allergens and bacteria and the difference rests on our procedures and high efficiency of our equipment. Carpets should be extracted regularly, depending on the traffic and use of the carpet, it can be extracted every 6 months to 1 year. The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the amount of foot traffic and other factors such as pets, children and smoking habits in the house.


Semi-dry carpet cleaning, also known as encapsulation, is achieved by treating your carpets with a specially engineered solution and then gently agitating the fibers. This process encapsulates soil or any type of particles from carpets. This method is considered to be less invasive and less labor-intensive than traditional steam cleaning. It is also considered to be more environmentally friendly because it uses less water.



Sewer back up occurs for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the magnitude it must be dealt with without delay. Carpets when flooded will harbor and contribute to the spread of fungi and other types of harmful microbes.

Carpets must be thoroughly cleansed, 100% sanitized and treated to microbial growth.


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Carpet cleaning in Calgary

Often carpet stains are due to various factors such as liquid spills, dirt, and simple steps. The best way to remove them it’s using a special cleaner or a mix of warm (not hot) water and a mild abstergent. To avoid deep stains, it is good to vacuum your floor coverings at least twice a month and have frequent carpet cleaning scheduled.

Regular home cleaning from Mrs Clean helps prevent the accumulation

- of dirt,
- of dust,
- of trash
- of pet hair on the carpet.

In the event that the carpet is heavily soiled or you have spilled coffee or wine and the stain doesn’t disappear despite your efforts, then it is better to call Mrs Clean’s cleaners. We use special hardware and cleaning solutions to clean deep dirt, and stains, which guarantees great results.

Carpets dual cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses a dry compound or a very low moisture solution to clean the carpet. Is a good option for carpets that are sensitive to water and for situations where a quick turnaround time is needed. Mrs Clean achieves the highest efficiency by combining two methods (extraction & dry cleaning). This dual carpet cleaning can provide a more thorough and effective cleaning experience. It's especially useful for heavily soiled carpets that require deep cleaning.

It's important to note that not all carpets can be cleaned with this method and some carpets are sensitive to water and require only dry cleaning. It's best to consult a professional carpet cleaner for advice on the best method for your specific carpet. Call Mrs Clean to get your estimate and order professional carpet cleaning with an affordable price and 100% guarantee.

Carpets extraction cleaning

Regular carpet extraction is important to maintain the appearance and prolong the life of the carpet. It's important to use a professional cleaner for this service, as they have the equipment and expertise to properly clean the carpet and avoid any damage.

It's also important to vacuum the carpet regularly to remove surface dirt and debris, which can prolong the time between extractions. In addition, you should have a regular maintenance program to spot clean and address spills and stains as they happen.

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