Carpet Cleaning

Dual Carpet Cleaning

Our real carpet cleaning Service means just that. It consists of mechanically massaging your carpets with a specially formulated solution and then do a regular extraction using a limited amount of moisture. The result is a deep clean that you can see and feel.


Regular Carpet Extraction

This is the most used method of carpet cleaning, the difference rests on our procedures and high efficiency of our equipment.

Semi Dry carpet cleaning

Semi dry cleaning is achieved by treating your carpets with a specially engineered solution and then gently agitating the fibers, this process dislodges soil or any type of particles encapsulating them so can’t re attached and then vacuumed out.


Water Damage / Sewer Back-up

Sewer back up occurs for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the magnitude it must be dealt with without delay. Carpets when flooded will harbor and contribute to the spread of fungi and other types of harmful microbes.

Carpets must be thoroughly cleansed, 100% sanitized and treated to microbial growth.

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We highly value your business and offer great discounts for our customers who have routine cleaning with us.

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