Cleaning Gift Cards: The Perfect Present for Every Occasion


It’s hard to find that perfect gift. Imagine: you’re in a shopping centre crowded with shoppers, or scrolling through hundreds of online shops trying to find something that’s useful and meaningful, with time ticking and your nerves taut. We’ve all been there, waging a mental battle to find that gift worth giving. Floral bouquets, boxes of chocolates or electronic gadgets are all somehow overused, almost impersonal and clichéd. But imagine if somewhere there is just that gift: one that provides some real help, convenience and amazement at everyday life.

Welcome the cleaning gift card, the solution to all your gifting problems: we appreciate that you are busy and that a gift must be something that they will value. Oh, they don’t want any old gift? Well, thank you, you are so kind. But did you know they have been complaining about not having enough time to clean? I bet you didn’t. Well, here you go! That will solve their problem, because every gift must be something we want to receive, right? Giving cleaning gift cards shows you value their time, and aren’t you delightful! Birthdays? Try cleaning gift cards. Holidays? Cleaning gift cards. Housewarming? Cleaning gift cards. ‘Ready to say thank you for all you do!’ cleaning gift cards.

Why Cleaning Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

  • Convenience:

Gift cards offer the high amount of convenience because they are so easy to give and so easy to use. In this fast-pace world, convenience is what a lot of people are looking for. For the busy person who probably does not have time to go shopping for the perfect gift, they can buy cleaning gift card in a matter of a few minutes online. For the recipient, it is also easy. All they have to do is go to and shop online. For those of us that often find ourselves in search of a last-minute gift, shopping for a cleaning gift card may be an easy choice. For the far-away friend or relative, it can be hard to put a gift under the tree or in the mail in time for the holiday season but they can always send a cleaning gift card, then the recipient can take care of the gift-exchange at their convenience.

  • Thoughtfulness:

When you give a cleaning gift card, you show that you thought about the needs of the recipient, and you went the extra mile to find a gift that actually helps them. This is quite different from regular gift choices such as scarves, books and watches because those can’t really ease the burden on someone’s life. In contrast, a cleaning gift card can, and that’s why it is such a special gift if you think about it. You recognise the hardship in someone’s life through your gift, for example, your husband works all day and wouldn’t want to spend the evening cleaning. Because you thought about that, you give someone the relief they need through the gift of cleaning. That’s a caring and appreciated gift, and anyone who gets it will feel how much you care about them.

  • Practicality:

Cleaning gift cards solve our everyday problem which is to live in a clean home. In today’s world, we hardly have a minute to spare for ourselves due to various commitments such as work, family and social gathering. Keeping the home neat and tidy is at the bottom of our priority list most of the time. With a cleaning gift card, you are gifting a pratical solution for an everyday problem your busy friend is facing. Gifting a cleaning service allows them to have and enjoy a clean home without the stress and the effort to clean the home. Giving something that is practical is a must, it helps in bringing the balance in their everyday life. Furthermore, having something that is of use is priceless. 

  • Health Benefits:

No one looks forward to the days when they have to give their house a make-over. But we also appreciate the hygienic aspect of having an organised office or stylish surroundings. Now think about the science involved in having a thorough session of spring cleaning. It involves dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning seven days a week. A lot of allergens and germs are leaving your living area as cleaning is taking place. So giving a gift card for cleaning services can do more than just giving a present. If the recipient receives a gift of cleaning, our home or office could become a healthier place. A thorough job will reduce allergens that exist in dust, reducing respiratory problems and other health issues. This addition health benefit will make cleaning gift cards even more thoughtful and better compared to others.

Why Cleaning Gift Cards Make Great Gifts

  • Stress Relief:

Many of us find house cleaning a huge source of stress, especially if we are running a busy family home. It can seem that we don’t have a chance to sit and relax when there is always housework needing to be done. A cleaning gift card detracts from the need to clean and gives you a much-desired break. Knowing that your home is being professionally cleaned and you do not need to do anything will help enormously in reducing stress level.The stress-reducing aspect of cleaning gift cards makes them one of the premier pressies you can give to someone who needs stress-reduction.

  • Environmental Considerations:

Beside the MrsClean brand, many other professional cleaning services  give gift cards that incorporate eco-friendly products or cleaning methods into their services. By sending cleaning gift cards from these ‘green’ cleaning services, you are creating eco-friendly impact on a simple gift card. For environmental-minded recipients who care about limiting their carbon footprint, helping the planet and protecting their family, this is a wonderful bonus.

  • Customization and Flexibility:

Gift cards for cleaning services often provide recipients with a wide arrange of options for customising their cleaning service. Depending on the cleaning service, recipients may be able to select from various service packages (such as home deep cleaning), and with some services, recipients may also choose certain tasks they want completed, such as carpet cleaning or window washing. This flexibility allows recipients to tailor their service to match their preferences and to customise the gift. Unlike many traditional gifts, the gift card from MrsClean will adapt to its recipients, rather than requiring them to adapt to the gift.

In short, a cleaning gift card is a great gift: it’s moral and conscientious, practical and effective, flexible to your needs. Most importantly, it will be cherished. When you need a present that reviews speak for themselves, use the gift card on our site. You will be giving a thoughtful gift because it will be appreciated and will provide real tangible health and stress relief benefits. A cleaning gift card is conveniently available through our company, MrsClean.

Ideal Recipients for Cleaning Gift Cards

Busy Professionals:

With their busy job and family life, they seldom get time to take care of their home cleaning chores. As they are leading a life with only work and then go back to home to sleep, their work life balance is already zero. On weekends, they rather spend time with their family and friends. Even when they get some time to spend at home, they would spend that time relaxing and doing other things which they wouldn’t get time during the week. So getting a cleaning gift card from their loved ones helps them get back some energy for the week by giving them a clean and tidy home devoid of dirt and dust. Cleaning service helps them enjoy more free time and stress less, the thing they are not getting being a part of this rat race. This consideration from their loved ones help them live a healthy happy life with their loved ones. 

New Parents:

Life with a infant is hard. New parents are exhausted and experiencing a tidal wave of stress on a daily basis, with little time and energy to do chores. A cleaning gift card can be a great gift for someone transitioning to life with a baby. First of all, it will help save them money. Did you know how much cleaning cost? Also professional maids can assist new parents maintaining a sanitary living environment for their baby without adding an extra item on their ‘to-do’ list. The added support can create a sense of calm during this stressful time, and give them a dirty quote cleaner home to raise their new bundle of joy (and take naps!)


Cleaning activities can often be physically challenging for seniors and can even be tiring. Some of the things that were once easy to do can become difficult or even dangerous to complete. Cleaning gift cards provide help to keep the space of seniors clean and comfortable. This thoughtful gift can aid in seniors taking care of cleanliness in their house without any worries and allowing them to enjoy higher quality life.

cleaning gift cards for seniors

Individuals Recovering from Illness or Surgery:

When someone is sick or undergoing surgery, one of the most important things for them is to rest and heal. Cleaning is a very physical task, and it can be detrimental to someone who is in recovery mode, which is why a cleaning gift card will be greatly welcome after any stint in the hospital. Instead of doing that physical task themselves, they can enjoy the cleanliness of their apartment without having to exert any extra effort into maintaining it. This gift can provide a major boost to their recovery. They can finally relax and focus on letting their body heal.

Busy Parents:

Parents with children are always endowed with a variety of jobs to do, such as school time and so on. However, since parents are too busy with daily parenting and busy schedules, cleaning is usually hard to find enough time. Therefore, during the period of Christmas or their child’s birthday, a cleaning gift card would give parents the chance to hand over part of the household chores.

Pet Owners:

Pet owners know that keeping a home clean isn’t easy with pets around. Pet hair, dander and the occasional accident can quickly pile up. A cleaning gift card can be a tremendous resource for pet owners (and pet owners only) who want to keep a cleaner, fresher home despite their furry friends. 

Busy Entrepreneurs:

Many entrepreneurs or small business owners are engaged with their business 24/7 while it is growing, and they often do not get the time to run the household as well, so this cleaning gift card for them is an excellent gift that they will definitely love and appreciate.This gift card offers a good work-life balance for them and frees more time for their work so they do not have to panic seeing the unfinished household chores while they are busy working in the business. As an added bonus, they can also wind down from their stressful life by coming home to a clean living area.

Friends and Family Going Through a Life Transition:

There are, of course, also challenging times with major life changes – moving to a new home, changing jobs, or more difficult moments such as the loss of a loved one, where often it is too much to keep the house clean too. In these times, a little practical help can go a long way. A cleaning gift card can be the perfect help someone needs in these times – whether it is a present for housewarming, a new start in life, or just a tough period, this gift can make life much easier during a trial.

Occasions Perfect for Giving Cleaning Gift Cards

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays (Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving)
  • Housewarming Parties
  • Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
  • Baby Showers
  • Weddings

perfect gift for new parents - cleaning gift card

How to Purchase and Give Cleaning Gift Cards

Where to Buy:

Gift cards for cleaning services can be purchased from a number of companies, such as the professional cleaning company MrsClean in Calgary.  

How to Present:

Be creative in how you present it – in a pretty greeting card or in an attractive basket with assorted other gifts. 

Personalization Tips:

Personalise it by writing a note. Tell them why you picked this gift and why you think it will make the recipient’s life a little easier.

Benefits of Giving Cleaning Gift Cards from MrsClean

  • Trusted Services:

 You can’t go wrong gifting a MrsClean cleaning: they will take good care of it.

  • Flexible Options:

MrsClean has cleaning packages and services to choose from. Recipients can select the cleanup that suits them.

  • Customer Testimonials:

Many satisfied customers about MrsClean’s services.  

MrsClean Gift Card Options

We observe that every home is different and comes with its own cleaning needs. Therefore, we have a variety of gift card options according to your needs. Check them below:

  • $150 Gift Card: Regular Apartment Cleaning
  • $210 Gift Card: Regular House Cleaning
  • $270 Gift Card: Deep Cleaning Services
  • $330 Gift Card: Extensive Cleaning (Move-out)
  • $390 Gift Card: Cleaning with Extra Services 
  • $450 Gift Card: Ultimate Cleaning Package for Large  Homes

If this is a large house (or a very dirty one that needs a thorough cleaning), better choose $450 gift card, this really will cover all the bases and make homeowners really happy. Having enough time we can go along and clean the basement, clean inside the appliances, clean windows, clean walls and clean baseboards from top to bottom. This is our gold card for gift giving. Everyone wants this gift card because don’t we all just wish that our home were sparkling clean from top to bottom?

Buy a MrsClean gift card for a regular cleaning, a deep cleaning, or for any extensive house cleaning. We have just the right gift for any person and for any occasion. Happy holidays!



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By Mrs.Clean
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