Move-In & Move Out Cleaning Service in Calgary

The Best Calgary Move Out Cleaning Service and Why Hire Move Out Cleaning Services in Calgary?

Embarking on a move can be overwhelming, but with the right move-out cleaning service, you’ll experience a seamless transition. Our Mrs. Clean Calgary Cleaners team takes pride in offering meticulous move-out cleaning services tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you’re leaving your old place or stepping into a new one, we ensure a spotless slate for your journey.
We understand the importance of timing and convenience during such transitions. That’s why we encourage you to schedule our move-out cleaning service at a time that works best for you. Our Calgary move-out cleaning expertise guarantees a clean space and peace of mind, making your move a little less stressful.

Mrs. Clean provides its customers with fully qualified, trained professionals for taking care of their home, and The service will leave your home impeccably neat and clean.

Home and office services are available for estimation and ordering directly through our website so that you can budget and plan accordingly.

For home services, you can choose from a regular, one-time, or move in/out service along with how many rooms and their size.

The booking process is incredibly quick and easy, and Mrs. Clean will provide teams of two staff members with their supplies.

Mrs. Clean also allows for a green clean option that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals, perfect for those concerned about the environment

For office cleaning services, the facility of budget estimation and booking is available through the phone. Mrs. Clean will tailor a professional cleaning routine to fit the requirements of your office space.

Tailored Move-Out House Cleaning Solutions

Understanding that every move is unique, we offer customized cleaning solutions. Our team listens to your specific needs and preferences, designing a cleaning plan that ensures your departure is as spotless as possible. Let us handle the cleaning and move details so you can focus on the excitement of your new beginning.

Ensuring a Spotless Departure

Our aim is to make your move out as smooth as possible. From scrubbing bathrooms to cleaning out cabinets, our team doesn’t miss a spot. We take care of the dirty work, ensuring that you leave your old home in pristine condition. This meticulous attention to detail is what sets us apart and guarantees your satisfaction.


What to Expect from Our Cleaning Checklist

We believe in transparency and thoroughness, which is why our cleaning checklist is comprehensive. Expect everything from dusting and vacuuming to natural cleaning solutions that leave your space smelling fresh and clean. Our checklist ensures that every area of your home receives the attention it deserves, making your transition worry-free.

Customer Service: At the Heart of Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to outstanding customer service. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering beyond expectations. Our team is always here to support you and ensure that your cleaning and move experience is as seamless and satisfactory as possible


Don't Forget Specialized Move-In Cleaning

We understand the excitement and stress of moving into a new space. That's why we also offer our specialized move-in cleaning service, designed to ensure your new home or office is sparkling clean, fresh, and ready for you to settle in comfortably. Our team of professional cleaners pays meticulous attention to detail, cleaning and sanitizing every nook and cranny, so you can focus on the joy of moving without the hassle of cleaning. You Can trust Mrs. Calean to make your transition smoother with our exceptional move-in cleaning services.

The Difference Between Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

While move-in and move-out cleaning services may seem similar, their focus differs. Move-out cleaning aims to restore the property to a clean state for the next occupants, focusing on areas that might affect your security deposit. Move-in cleaning, however, is about preparing your new home for your arrival, emphasizing sanitization and creating a healthy living environment.


Importance of Deep Cleaning Before Settling In

A deep cleaning is essential before you unpack and settle into your new home. This process eliminates any dirt, germs, or allergens left behind by previous occupants. Using natural cleaning methods, we ensure that your new space is not only clean but also safe for your family, providing a truly fresh start.


Your Calgary Home Cleaning Journey

Mrs.Clean, as Calgary’s trusted cleaners, has built a reputation for excellence in cleaning and move-out services. Our commitment to satisfaction and attention to detail makes us the go-to choice for Calgary move out cleaning. Trust us to handle your cleaning needs, ensuring a stress-free transition to your next chapter.

We’re with you every step of the way as you prepare for a move. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through, we ensure your cleaning needs are met with professionalism and care. Let us handle the cleaning so you can focus on the other aspects of your move.


Preparing for Your Calgary Move Out Cleaning Service

With our guidance, getting ready for a move-out cleaning is easy. We’ll tell you how to prepare your home for our team. This might include removing personal items and making sure we have access to all the areas that need cleaning. With your help, we can make the cleaning process smooth and efficient.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Ready Your Home

First, clear away any clutter and personal belongings. Next, make sure all the furniture is moved or covered. Then, give us a heads-up about any areas that need special attention. Following these steps ensures we can clean your home thoroughly and efficiently

What Landlords and Tenants Need to Know When Hire Move Out Cleaner?

Landlords and tenants both benefit from professional cleaning. Landlords get a spotless property ready for new tenants, and tenants increase their chances of getting their full security deposit back. We understand the needs of both parties and tailor our services to meet those needs.


move-in & move-out Cleaning Checklist

  • Floors washed
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • All surfaces dusted
  • Hallways & Stairs Cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Door frames and handles
  • Window tracks & sills
  • Empty trash cans
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Blinds wiping
  • Countertops cleaned
  • Sink cleaned, chrome polished
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Light switches cleaned
  • Door frames and handles
  • Exterior of cabinets
  • Microwave cleaned
  • Stove top cleaned
  • Exterior of fridge
  • Window tracks & sills
  • Empty trash cans
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Blinds wiping
  • Walls washed
  • Interior of oven
  • Interior of cabinets
  • Interior of fridge
  • All surfaces cleaned
  • Sink cleaned
  • Vanity cleaned
  • Floors vacuumed and washed
  • Bathtubs cleaned
  • Showers cleaned
  • Toilet cleaned
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Light switches cleaned
  • Window tracks & sills
  • Door frames and handles
  • Empty trash cans
  • Walls wiped
  • Light fixtures cleaned
  • Tiles scrubbed
  • Grouts cleaned (extra)
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Blinds cleaned
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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What happens if my cleaners require more or less time?

If you cleaners have completed the job before the allotted time expires, we will absolutely adjust the price. At Mrs. Clean, you will never pay more than you need to. If the cleaners require more time than allotted our management will reach out 1 hr before the time is set to expire. We will then ask if you would like to add more time. You will always be asked and kept up to date on the progress of your clean.

02 What is the difference between a deep clean and move out clean?

A deep clean is a comprehensive deep clean it can also include the interior of fridge, dishwasher and oven. A move out clean is also a comprehensive deep clean that includes interior clean of all appliances and all cabinetry (Kitchen, Bathrooms) as a standard part of the clean.

03 Why do move out clean cost more?

Move out clean are extremely laborious cleans. They require more power and supplies to complete the clean properly.

04 Do I save money if I get more cleans?

Yes. The more regular you clean, bigger the savings! We offer rates for different frequencies.

05 Will I have the same team every time?

Yes. At Mrs. Clean, we strive to provide stability and familiarity it is not only beneficial for you to have the same team but us a company as well.

06 Do I need to supply anything?

We supply everything. We take care of it all. However if there are special cleaners you would like us to use we are more than happy to use your products for your specific needs.

07 Professional cleaning company VS independent cleaner

It is safer for homeowners to work with a licensed cleaning agency than with a private cleaner. Cleaning company allows only bonded, fully trained and background checked cleaners to work, completely protects homeowners from any damages, scam, theft, injuries and other issues.

Understanding the Cost and Duration When Hire Move Out Cleaning Service

Hiring a move-out cleaning service is an essential step in ensuring a smooth transition from one space to another. Understanding the cost and duration of these services is crucial for planning and budgeting. At Mrs. Calean, located in Calgary, AB, we pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency. The cost of our move-out cleaning services varies depending on the size of the property and the level of cleaning required, ensuring you only pay for what you need. Duration is equally important, as we strive to deliver thorough cleaning in a timely manner, typically requiring a few hours to a full day, based on the project's complexity. With Mrs. Calean, you can expect no hidden fees and a sparkling clean space, ready for its next occupants.

How Much Does a Professional Move-Out Cleaning Cost?

Our cleaning checklist helps us estimate how much time we’ll need to thoroughly clean your home. The size of your property and its condition play a big role in this. We aim to be efficient without compromising on quality, ensuring your home is ready on time for its next chapter. But you can also refer to our estimation form for a free and precise estimate.

What if you need a Regular House Cleaning, Eh?

In the heart of Calgary, where the weather swings as wildly as a Flames fan during playoff season, keeping your house tidy is almost as essential as a good pair of winter boots. You see, regular house cleaning here isn’t just about making sure you’re not living in a scene from a horror movie; it's also about saving yourself a loonie or two when it’s time to saddle up and move to a new ranch. Think of each speck of dust you swipe and every crumb you conquer as a tiny investment toward a cheaper move-out cleaning bill. Over time, these bits of effort accumulate, much like snow on your driveway in January, but instead of breaking your back shovelling, you're actually easing your future load. By keeping your dwelling spotless or at least, less reminiscent of a wild Stampede night gone wrong you’re ensuring that when it's time to call in the professional cleaners for that final scrub-down, they won't have to excavate layers of grime or discover new life forms in your bathroom. So, grab your mop like it’s a hockey stick in the playoffs, and tackle those dust bunnies with the zeal of a Stampeder in the Grey Cup. Not only will your home be a beacon of cleanliness in the great city of Calgary, but your wallet will thank you, too, as the move-out cleaners will have fewer dust-induced traumas to bill you for. Remember, a clean home is like a good Tim Hortons coffee on a frosty morning it just makes everything better, eh?


A Clean Start Awaits

At Mrs. Calean in Calgary, AB, we believe that every new beginning deserves a clean start. Whether you're moving into a new home, office, or just looking to refresh your current space, our professional cleaning services are here to ensure that your environment is spotless, healthy, and welcoming. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond, using eco-friendly products and advanced cleaning techniques to tackle every corner, ensuring a pristine setting. With Mrs. Calean, a clean start isn't just an expectation - it's a guarantee. Let us help you begin your new chapter on the cleanest possible note.

Embracing Your Next Chapter with a Clean Slate

As you embark on a new chapter, whether it’s moving into a dream home or expanding your business, the importance of beginning with a clean slate cannot be overstated. Our services extend beyond the individual homeowner, offering thorough cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. We understand the pivotal role a pristine environment plays in the satisfaction of property management companies, ensuring their properties are maintained to the highest standards. Moreover, our flexible scheduling options, including bi-weekly cleaning, cater to the dynamic needs of all our clients, guaranteeing a seamless transition into your next venture. Let us handle the cleaning so you can focus on what truly matters – embracing the fresh start that lies ahead.

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